Jacob Westmore

2D & 3D Graphic Design


The Concept

When "Fallout 3" was released it became Game of the Year in no time, although they never released a trilogy set, so I designed one. Based off the aesthetic of the games I created a case stand for all the released fallout games if you had each to place in it, a folding booklet with the main three games, and a box to enclose them in.

The Design

Grunge textures where used to give the whole product a post apocalyptic feel. Icons and imagry from each of the games lines the front and back of the booklet. The origonal color for each game titles origonal box art was used to design each page. The case stand designed to look like a vault door from the game.

The Product

Each of the games was released with a suit of armor on the cover, specific to that game. I remastered the look to each the suits of armor, and gave them a single color tone to match which game it was for. Thus giving reference for any true fans whom might end up using the stand of the other cases to the intermediary fallout games that where released inbetween the big numbered generations.