Jacob Westmore

2D & 3D Graphic Design

Clothing Brand

The Concept

To produce a high end 'T-shirt' box design that accentuated the design on the shirt. A larger font was chosen for readablity on the back of the box, with a 'keep me' exquisitive vibe that makes the box a collectable item after the shirt is removed. The QR code bringing the design into the digital, making keeping the box more desirable due to reusability.

The Design

High Land Heir aims to promote an old Celtic Royalty feeling to their clothing, made with a midevil Scottish asthetic exemplifying the main companies look and feel. The whole company existing as a tribute to the freedom won in the Scottish highlands.

The Product

A high end cotton T-shirt personally acid washed and hand dyed with High Land Heir's logo and/or design. Along with a personalized box to go along with it, detailed with their moto that only the worthy will represent respect. The company promotes a referbished way of life for the Northern UK.