Jacob Westmore

2D & 3D Graphic Design

Energy Drink

The Concept

Printed on every bottle is the company motto, "Our energy drink is infused with L-theanine, Ginsing, and Electrolytes to keep you energised. Made from 100% pure fruit juice we aim to provide the healthiest possible option to keep your body feuled. Whether out for a night on the town or in studying REVIVE willkeep you alive."

The Design

Every bottle lable was designed to look like a blood bag lable, cropped as much as possible to show off more of the bottle. Bottles chosen for a premium yet modern scientific feel, with a wide mouth like "Starbucks Coffee" bottles to be easily gulpped down. Modern energy drink-esque logo designed to stand out, read easily, and be rememberable.

The Product

Each six pack comes with two of each flavor, Wild Cherry, Blueberry, and Cranberry. At only 300 calories and 26 total grams of sugar, REVIVE has just as much caffine at half the sugar content, while still taisting great.